Science Communication

I have founded two blogs where graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and science professionals work together to summarize recent journal articles for the general public using language anyone with a high school STEM education can understand. I am also on the Leadership Committee for the ComSciCon series of STEM communication workshops. These graduate student-run workshops provide inspiring and informative experiences in STEM communication to graduate students, free of cost.

Oceanbites, founded in September 2013, is a blog where oceanography graduate students and postdoctoral researchers describe the latest in cutting-edge oceanography research for the broader public. As part of my work at oceanbites, I have spoken on panels focused on blogging about scientific research and I have run workshops training undergraduate STEM students to write about their scientific research.

Envirobites, which began publishing content in August 2017, is a blog where graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and environmental professionals write posts describing recent research in environmental science topics, including urban pollution, toxicology, and climate change. I co-founded this blog with Dr. Laura Schifman, Ph.D.